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Ooh yeah, we’re back for another week. Know your history. If you’re too lazy to click on that link, here’s the gist: Last week we described Far Out vs. Hot Dang as “a weekly assemblage of whatever we hear rattling around in D.C.’s cultural chasm.” The cool side is still cool, but a little funky, and the hot side is practically flaming. Enjoy:

Theramin busker Ted Leo was fucking with us
Crazy-lookin’ pop-out paintings “Michelle O” is “altogether devoid of originality”
“… the original Kermit is a darker green and slightly less refined than later versions.” Kokayi: “Somebody burning some dirt green outchea, listening to Bob Marley. Get you some decent green. Jont smelling like dirt and oregano.”
Warm and Fuzzies Wait, Bernadette Peters Is Gonna Be In Follies? OMG, For Reals?!? … could she be UPSTAGED?
“It’s not that Will Oldham is trying to be weird; it’s just his nature.” Vivian Girls at Comet Ping Pong
The Neutrino Video Project Nicole/Discoslutt: “All I want for my bday is a reversible Planet Hollywood jacket.”
the Cavern smells like … a cave Fire-breathing bartenders are not felons
“Do you have a tall bike or unicycle? Have you been secretly waiting for the opportunity to use it for a good cause with people who will truly appreciate it’s style and grace? Well here’s your chance!” P.A. Palace does an Android app
John Gossage won’t tell you where “The Pond” is John Ferrer will pay you to review “The Immortal Ones”
The Caribbean: “You know what I’m good at doing? Whatever I’m not supposed to be doing. J. Freedom du Lac: “Wonder how many of the Tea Partiers who are descending on (the safe parts of) DC for Sat’s GlennBeck rally will be at Rock the Bells on Sun.”