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Morning, folks!

Lauryn Hill is now persona non grata among D.C. hip-hop fans, having showed up about 200 minutes late for her gig at Rock the Bells yesterday. Theories about her extreme tardiness, via WPGC 95.5’s DJ Heat (via Twitter):

-I heard that Lauryn Hill hasn’t hit the Rock the Bells stage yet cuz she playing a pick-up game at Barry Farms.
-I just saw Lauryn Hill at the Sam’s Car Wash on Branch Ave! She shining her rims!
-Horace & Dickey’s fukked up Lauryn Hill’s order. She still there trying to get it right.
-Saw Lauryn at Rita’s in the Blvd. getting a gelati.

When Hill finally showed up, not even a Nas cameo could save her from the jilted masses, some of whom reportedly booed for real and others of whom opted to hurl digital tomatoes from their smart phones. Those don’t wash out as easy.

Glenn Beck wasn’t the only one trying to comandeer the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.’s march on Washington to settle some petty score this weekend. Go-go elder Anwar “Big G” Glover, claiming that mayoral challenger Vincent Gray got him fired from his DJ post at WKYS 93.9 for supporting incumbent Adrian Fenty, released this statement to the press:

Mr. Glover is astonished that on the eve of the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, in which he called for racial equality and protection out of inalienable rights, that his First Amendment rights were violated and he was subsequently the target of retaliation.

Gray is visiting the City Paper office today, so if you’d like us to ask him what he thinks Martin Luther King Jr. would have thought of this, Lauryn Hill’s tardiness, or the gender politics of Sex in the City 2, let us know!

From the Dept. of Cute Ideas Nobody Should Ever Have Let Happen For Real, the Washington Shakespeare Company is putting on Hamlet in Klingon. Turns out the chairman of the company’s board invented the language, which is apparently reason enough to put on a version of the play comprehensible to no one except those who have memorized either Klingon or Hamlet. The intermission scene should be a trip.

Speaking of unholy comingling of classical theatre and modern pop culture, Philip Kennicott starts off his haughty indictment of the “Bed Intruder Song” in WaPo by musing, “What would the Florentine Camerata think of Antoine Dodson?” As you can imagine, it only goes downhill from there.

Photo courtesy of Fugees-Online.