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Good morning, D.C.! Have you successfully shaken off your beer-and-barbecue Labor Day stupor? You might want to work on that, if you haven’t. Lady GaGa is playing at the Verizon Center tonight, and I’m sure she wants to see her little monsters in top form.

The Post looks into a sudden surge of recession victims pursuing long-held dreams, many within the arts realm: “Career counselors say idled or anxious workers often reconnect with long-dormant dreams in a down economy. It’s a time when reduced hours at work open up schedules and gloomy moods demand a little psychic pampering.” So, maybe it’s time that you explore those fantasies of opera training, or pole-dancing, or underwater ballet, or whatever strikes your fancy.

DCist reports that Michele Salahi is set to auction her party-crashing rags and pose in Playboy. Double-threat! Speaking of crashing, Frozen Tropics has some juicy video of former ANC5B10 commissioner Kathy Henderson removing others’ signs at Capital City Diner. Just as I had started to think that local politics couldn’t get anymore like reality TV (that Vincent Gray likes Sex and the City is such a confessional statement!), Henderson has totally proved me wrong

Oh, and Justin Bieber played at the Maryland State Fair this weekend. Here’s all I have to say about that.

We took it easy on Arts Desk over the holiday, but The Pragmatist put together three songs for the zombie apocalypse. If you’re feeling sleepy, perhaps the thought of running for your life could jar you awake this morning. Have a good one!