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Lots of people get their heads cut off in Machete, but I’m left with the feeling that there actually were not enough decapitations. Of course, the Machete character kills his adversaries in many interesting ways, and a significant portion of the film’s entertainment value stems from this creativity. But after seeing Machete once, I’m struck by the relative paucity of beheadings. Perhaps director Robert Rodriguez—knowing that his film would be masterfully and awesomely preposterous—decided that too many noggin-loppings would upset the artistic balance. Because, really, this is a Mexican revenge flick and not a zombie flick. And it’s not easy to stage and shoot a realistic-looking decapitation of a live human (i.e. not a zombie), even with computer graphics. But that scene in Machete where Machete cuts off a bunch of dudes’ heads in an elevator, and you see it from above, thus avoiding some of the aforementioned technical problems? They could’ve had at least two or three more scenes like that.