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Morning, folks!

Sorry this roundup is so late. I hope to have formulated a decent excuse by the end of this writing. In the meantime…

Hate gorgeous weather? Landmark E Street Cinema is the place to be this weekend. First of all, it’s day two of the DC Shorts Film Festival. Tonight at 7 p.m., they’re screening God of Love, a black-and-white film about magic darts starring, best I can figure from the thumbnail, Macolm Gladwell and Kevin Smith.

Later on, there’s a one-minute experimental film about last winter’s Snowpocalypse—which, judging by the cryptic description and photo, may be heavily influenced by The Human Centipede. (Stay tuned to Arts Desk later today for brief reviews by people who actually watched these films.) I’m wondering whether any Snowpocalypse film can live up to this impromptu doc, which, I’m not ashamed to admit, made me tear up a bit when I first watched it last January.

Also, Landmark is the one place in D.C. you can go to catch I’m Still Here, the mysterious Joaquin PhoenixCasey Affleck documentary mockumentary film about Phoenix’s post-breakdown travails. It’s 108 minutes long, but according to Slate’s Dana Stevens it is in keeping with the spirit of the Shorts festival in that it feels like a single (uninteresting) scene being played over and over and over.

Speaking of short videos, the Virginia-native Gregory Brothers, of Auto-Tune the News/”Bed Intruder Song”/”Double Rainbow Song” fame, are apparently forging a new paradigm in music-industry success with their viral music-video factory. Seems as good a time as any to plug my interview with Michael Gregory from… 15 months ago.

Speaking of former DMV-ers who now live in Brooklyn and make novel music videos, artist (and U. of Maryland grad) Evan Roth has taken a more analog approach.

Like I was saying, the roundup is late because I was accosted by giant snails at Dulles. Have a good weekend!