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Good morning! I spent the weekend in a synagogue in St. Louis, and then in a car for 12 hours, and then at the Hirshhorn, in exactly that order (some other stuff happened, too), so forgive me for not picking out for you the best things in the Post‘s fall arts preview, which I’m sure is super valuable, or will be until Thursday, when Washington City Paper‘s Fall Arts Guide lands in news boxes, on the World Wide Web, and across several planes of consciousness. It will be hefty!

DC Shorts! We covered the festival of tiny films in very tiny installments! The festival’s director Jon Gann mentioned our coverage at an awards luncheon yesterday, which was very kind of him, except… oh, take it away, live-blogging TBD reporter Ryan Kearney:

12:10 p.m.: Gann mentions that the City Paper is running reviews of individual films — courtesy of a small army of freelancers, I’ll note — and that you can check them out online. Then he adds, “Actually don’t go there.” Laughter. “In case it’s not nice.” Laughter. “It’s a kind of snarky local paper.” Much laughter.

Snarky local paper? Nous? I guess I can handle that, though Arts Desk contributor Benjamin R. Freed has an, um, saltier response, which I’m confident means I’ll be fielding at least one irate phone call today.

Speaking of things I didn’t expect to read on Twitter: The Dismemberment Plan—-the best and jitteriest rock band in the history of jittery rock bands!—-is now tweeting, although last time I checked the D.C. group was very much still broken up. And yet! “Some stuff to announce soon, watch this space,” tweets D-Plan’s mystery tweeter. My best guess is he (he?) is referring to the upcoming reissue of Emergency & I that our sister paper the Chicago Reader teased at a few months ago.

Some other hot shit you should read:

  • Noted new wave dude Kevin Dunn is doing an in-store at Crooked Beat on Wednesday, and on Friday he waxed all biographical at the Vinyl District.
  • Although I am in fact Jewish, I am very confused about Theater J Artistic Director Ari Roth‘s role in a controversy surrounding an arts center in the West Bank. This is because Roth wrote an op-ed in the Washington Jewish Weekabout it, and then wrote a blog post about the op-ed, and then revised the op-ed and the blog post, though possibly not in that order, or maybe not quite at all, or…RARRRGHHH JEWISH HULK IS ANGRY AND DOES NOT UNDERSTAND. Um, let Roth explain.
  • There’s another public meeting about the branding and marketing of the Mid-City Arts District tonight at 6 p.m. at (how ’bout that?) Theater J in the DC Jewish Community Center.
  • What’s on councilmember Michael A. Brown‘s iPod? Allow councilmember Michael A. Brown to tell you! Brown likes “everything from old school hip hop and R&B to Sinatra to Green Day and Drake.  And anyone who has ever been in my car with me knows that I’m a huge fan of DC Go-Go – especially Chuck Brown.” Yawn. Has a politician ever given an interesting answer to that question?

If I manage to leave this office at a godly hour tonight, I’ll be seeing Broken Social Scene. This band knows how to be loud and enveloping in eight or nine (but seriously, at least two) ways, and I’m pulling for boozy maximalism. We will now call this winogaze.

    everything from old school hip hop and R&B to Sinatra to Green Day and Drake.  And anyone who has ever been in my car with me knows that I’m a huge fan of DC Go-Go – especially Chuck Brown.