The Dismemberment Plan is back! WaPo‘s Chris Richards reports that the great D.C. indie rockers are reuniting this January for a minitour, right around the time they’ll rerelease their classic 1999 album Emergency & I album on Barsuk. There’s no new album in the works, or anything like that, the Plan’s bassist Eric Axelson tells Richards—-at least yet.

The band, which broke up in 2003 and reunited for two shows in 2007, has two D.C. dates lined up—-curiously, one’s at the Black Cat on Jan. 21, and the other the next night at the 9:30 Club. Opt for the former if you can, and witness the band in its natural habitat. (I saw the band I don’t-know-how-many-times, and it’s always at its best at the 14th and S venue.)

At TBD, Andrew Beaujon collects his favorite D-Plan songs. My favorite show was probably in late 2002 at the Black Cat, with Ms. Spice opening. I only made it on stage during “Ice of Boston” (as is tradition) once, at one of the 2007 reunion shows, and I was perilously close to stepping on guitarist Jason Caddell‘s pedals. He actually bent down—-midsong—-and moved my leg several inches.

The January tour also includes dates in Philly, Boston, and New York. Click Track has the full deets. There’s also an update on D-Plan’s website. UPDATE: Black Cat tickets go on sale Friday. They’ll go quickly.