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Good morning, D.C.! Yesterday, one of the District’s most favoritest bands announced a five-date reunion tour for early 2011. Predictably, the Internet lost its shit over the thought of the Dismemberment Plan playing “Pay for the Piano” (for real, it’s a great song). What a Monday!

In slightly less important news, someone from What Not to Wear was here to rescue government denizens from their ill-fitting khakis. Apparently, it’s really hard to walk around here in heels, so Stacy London and her entourage got a ride. Psh.

The MidCity Arts District branding is ruffling some feathers, and there’s lots of pretty pictures from both Vampire Weekend’s performance at Merriweather and Double Dagger’s show at Comet Ping Pong. Here on Arts Desk, we’ve got three songs for slowly walking away from an explosion, and our own recap of Stacy London’s presence.

Oh, I heard there’s an election or something today, but I’m too busy listening to Emergency & I on repeat to be bothered! Have a good primary Tuesday!