OK, everyone be cool a minute! Before you all turn into a bunch of glass-eyed Mark Halperin-esque Wednesday morning quarterbacks, read this Arts Roundup!

It wasn’t enough to save his mayoralty, but Adrian Fenty enlisted Anwan “Big G” Glover, aka Slim Charles, persuade late-deciding voters. And there was plenty of go-go playing last night at Adrian Fenty’s headquarters on Georgia and Missouri avenues — until a young Fenty supporter tumbled through a poorly installed plate-glass window and onto the sidewalk. The kid was fine, but Fox 5’s Karen Gray Houston is headed for a dose of YouTube stardom after this reaction.

With that aside, let’s address last night’s real burning question: Was of Montreal’s second night at the 9:30 Club any improvement over the first? Ryan Kearney of TBD came away disappointed on Monday and WaPo‘s David Malitz calls the show “worthless” in today’s Style section. But last night’s show was an improvement if you believe the tweets of City Paper Arts editor Jonathan L. Fischer and/or Arts Desk contributor Chris Klimek. “The Past Is a Grotesque Animal” was a welcome addition to the second night’s set list, but in reality Fischer was most excited to see frontman Kevin Barnes dressed as a sex pirate. I guess Klimek enjoyed the show too, though he probably could have done without the audience’s bodily fluids and sloppy drinking.

Alex Baca reports that The Red Palace — the long-awaited merger of H Street’s Palace of Wonders and The Red and The Black — is only a month away.

Tonight at the Kennedy Center: Free Ozomatli!

If you’re still ginned up about next January’s reunion of the Dismemberment Plan — and really, who isn’t? — TBD’s Andrew Beaujon has an interview with bassist Eric Axelson.

Finally, as you head out into this new paradigm of D.C. government, it’s time to once again wonder if Jimmy Smits can ever convincingly play a political figure. WaPo‘s Hank Stuever says the answer is still no.