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Your favorite weekly assemblage of D.C. cultural noise cannot be diminished. Put down all those fall previews and dwell in the now, baby, because if you sleep on Far Out vs. Hot Dang, you’re snoozin’ on life. On the left, as usual, are the mind-bogglers and the head-scratchers—as well as the sweet epiphanies and fond remembrances. On the right, there is at least one exclamation point. Hooray:

Did her hair get bigger? Chris Richards: “Went to Cirque du Soleil last night. So much better than that Of Montreal show on Monday.”
Indulgent book about sad music inspires cranky review “For good or bad, punk was the great cleansing fire. It changed everything that came after. It’s very open now, but at the time, lines were drawn in the sand: Anything that existed before it was ‘bad.’ Anything that smelled of what came before was ‘bad.'”
Wale: “Watchin ‘500 days of summer’ . The dialogue in this movie is amazing, sounds like real life” Ryan Kearney: “Michelle Rhee blows off Web press at ‘Superman’ premiere. Waste. Of. 90. Minutes.”
“The ‘Glee’ common denominator (GCD) is the factor that two opposing camps of ‘Glee’ viewership have in common.” In search of the superior Sookie Stackhouse song
Why didn’t they call it The Palace of the Black? “Perhaps the best way to showcase this issue is to pretend that SAAM was hiring a new curator for Nordic art.”
The BORF guy is still out there Smut kingpin!
Kingpen Slim: “Just ran into 1 of my old joints, she on that Afrocentric tip now, know we all got one of them” Chris McDonald: “Yea so this beast of a woman hit on me at Whole Foods, pretty awkward situation to be apart of. Definitely old enough to be my mother.”
The fan bases of indie headliners: nuances abound Rare Essence reunion: former members abound
Eric Axelson will fact-check your Dismemberment Plan memories “It was a scary late-model window van. It felt like we were being kidnapped.”
“Put the hookups on hold, pull on a poodle skirt or plaster on some sideburns and ask someone out on a date.” “I recommend a woman stand in front of a mirror for a really long time.”