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Morning, folks!

Unintentional theme of the art-weekend: Cars! Intentional theme of this roundup: Puns!

Park(ing) Day in DC—a grassroots (ha!) effort to turn metered parking spaces into temporary public parks—turned out to be a modest affair on Friday, with the green-hearted folks of ReadySetDC and Cluster Media transforming a single spot near 14th and S into a little mat of green, on which they played horseshoes. The gamely bunch have a long way to go to match the efforts of Park(ing) Day franchises elsewhere. Still, they deemed the event a “success” and promised “MANY more locations next year!”

At the H Street Festival, on Saturday, the ArtCars were out in full force, courtesy of Gallery OonH. They were, as usual, a trip. (Zing!)

Finally, Prince of Petworth spotted this little beauty on 2nd near Upshur. Or was it Branch Avenue? (Pow!)

OK, enough of that—time to shift gears. (Kablooey!)

-Out in Fairfax, they’re sticking it to the microblogger set with the 2010 Fall for the Book festival, which started yesterday and goes all week. (No Twitterati-baiting daylong affairs for this crew; they’re serious about longform.)

-The Washington Shakespeare Company held an open casting call, in Dupont Circle, for Trekkie extras (Trekstras?) to appear in its upcoming Shakespeare-in-Klingon show. Things could be weirder. In advance of an all-Klingon opera earlier this year, a Netherlands theatre company actually sent an invitation to the fictional planet Qo’noS using a radio telescope.

Borat Sacha Baron Cohen will play rock martyr Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic, reports everyone. Given that Cohen’s voice was “too low” to do the singing part (as written) for Adolpho Pirelli in Sweeny Todd, here’s guessing they’re looking for a voice double who can do a credible Freddie. Good effing luck.