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Good morning, D.C.! Yesterday’s big news was suspiciously similar to last Monday’s big news: Dismemberment Plan tickets went on sale! Again! This no doubt pleased those who missed the three-minute availability window last Friday. It especially pleased policy wonk Matt Yglesias, who feels that something needs to be done about the way indie rock shows sell tickets.

As for news unrelated to the D-Plan, there’s lots of Michelle Rhee fluff out there. TBD’s got most of it, including a big chunk of her interview on Oprah. Predictably, the O was into it; writes Sarah Godfrey Larimer, “Rhee, the embattled D.C. Public Schools chancellor, has become one of the most-watched figures of the District’s post-primary transition. And where do embattled people often show up? Oprah Winfrey‘s couch, of course. She appears today on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss public education as part of an episode that helps promote the documentary Waiting for Superman. ‘This is a warrior woman,’ Oprah says of Rhee, who is featured in the Davis Guggenheim documentary. ‘She is a warrior woman.'” Arch Campbell talks to Guggenheim himself here.

Here on Arts Desk, we’ve got pictures of Billy Bragg and Darren Hanlon at 9:30, and pictures of Superchunk (also at 9:30), too! There’s also a sneak peek of Freakonomics at E Street Cinema, for which you can—naturally—pay what you want. With that, enjoy your Tuesday!