Virgin Mobile FreeFest performance times debuted yesterday and rapper T.I. is noticeably missing. According to festival organizers in touch with the Post:

We were waiting for final confirmation from T.I.’s camp, but they’re focused on tomorrow’s hearing and we’ve not gotten a final commitment. With that in mind, we adjusted set times to give artists more playing time. If T.I. is able to make it, we’ll gladly adjust the schedule.

If you had T.I. as the act most likely to miss the festival due to a court appearance in your office pool, well-played. Personally, I was looking forward to his savagely underrated catalog of hits.

As for the programming’s logistical complications/death matches:

  • Yeasayer v. Neon Indian (3:45 p.m.)
  • Pavement v. Sleigh Bells (7:40 p.m.)
  • LCD Soundsystem V. M.I.A. (9:00 p.m.)

But really, let’s talk a clear course of action.

Enjoy College Gameday on Saturday morning all the way through Lee Corso’s head gear-donning prognostication. Fry up eggs, peel potatoes, shred cheese, and relegate your roommate to pancake duty. Settle onto the grounds in time to enjoy the nostalgic nuggets of Jimmy Eat World’s perfect ’90s power-pop (1:15 p.m.). Settle into a drinking groove before ceding to Neon Indian’s kinda-subpar-live-but-wholly danceable slacker beats. Relinquish double duty aspirations (Yeasayer) because you’ll just wind up with two bad spots, hearing echoes. Let Joan Jett (4:30 p.m.) strum in the background; check the Alabama-Arkansas score from strangers (3:30 p.m.) right after realizing your smart phone was surely crushed to death by dozens of Chuck Taylors.

Tolerate the earnest, cutesy, mostly endearing efforts of Matt and Kim’s synth pop (6:15 p.m.). Delve into Ludacris’s immaculate collection of southern fried anthems (7:15 p.m.); leave early to catch Pavement (7:40 p.m.) because you downloaded their catalog during the fall of 2005—-a prerequisite to editing the Life & Arts section of your idealistic, entitled, and libelous college paper. If you have the legs, stick around for the after party—-LCD Soundsystem (9:30 p.m.)—-because that James Murphy guy goes all in onstage. Or just go home, because he’ll make some self-effacing joke about not deserving to follow Pavement.