Famous people were everywhere, but we pretended not to notice. That’s because Far Out vs. Hot Dang is lookin’ where you ain’t lookin’ … or at least it’s seein’ more than you’re seein’. It’s like a third eye and a lightning rod amalgamated into one blessedly/hellaciously innovative sensory organ. And that, gentle reader, is super-awesome. You definitely gotta admit that.

“Then the video game hero … comes to life and takes the boy through time and space to find out how important printing really is.” Proponent of theater games STRIKES BACK
“Moby and I ended up onstage just banging on garbage containers and empty kegs, like, D.C. go-go style, for about 20 minutes. “ “I wasn’t trying to make like a gay version of a hip hop video, but ultimately that’s what I did.”
They teach yoga now “I know you have sex, like to drink, love guns and cuss like a Rahm Emanuel.”
Drew Storen, product designer in training Denman C. Anderson “Haha, why is it that people in NYC are much more into what I’m doing than people in DC? C’mon DC, let’s play pretend.”
“No, I really can’t listen to my old stuff.” Christoph Eschenbach: talented, inspiring, totally expensive
Gordon Withers: “Sometimes I am hit with the full force of the realization that the band I am actually in is also in my top 10 favorite bands of all time” DJ Alizay: “Who in the hell is pickin these nicki minaj records?? Yall need some ears in that studio.”
Oddisee: “& now for my final act. I will now make several dozen badgering emails for free beats disappear when i respond with.. with…. A Price!” Maybe they could cure a workaday journalist’s overall lack of money, instead?
Didn’t anybody tell her about the other Ween? There’s a “Philippines prison Thriller video” joke in here somewhere
GIANT DUKE Flack is back
Kinda like the Le Mans of theater criticism I’m-a read all of this eventually