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So you like to have a good time—-why does everyone have to bug you about it? Now and then you go out with the boys or the girls, and you put back a few. You don’t remember how many, and why should that matter? I mean, really, you’re just taking the edge off, and you’ll make it home safe and sound. The floor is just a little shifty tonight. Your eyelids are just a little heavy right now. You’ll get to your bed eventually, but you might need to lie down for a minute.

As you stumble out the door of your most reliable neighborhood watering hole, there’s nothing classier than Tom Waits on the jukebox. He knows the piano’s been drinking, not you. He’s spent plenty of time emptying glasses and filling up ashtrays; he’s not one to judge. With “Eggs and Sausage,” he tells the hazy story of your after-hours misadventures.

If things get a little out of hand, maybe The Streets would be more appropriate. Of course, you don’t normally touch anything but the occasional drink, but it’s been a hard day. Someone offered you something to ease your load, and you didn’t ask what it was. How were you to know the room would start spinning? “Blinded By The Lights” is there for you when you’re not quite sure where you are.

Hopefully, your night hasn’t gotten too heavy. If all has gone well, you’re opening your front door with a wobbly-footed smile. In that case, perhaps you should pick a tune by locals Laughing Man to finish off the evening. “The Already Always” waltzes along its tipsy way with an off-kilter ebullience that feels just right as you lie down with all your clothes on, reeking of gin. Catch the soulful two-piece-turned-trio tonight at Rock & Roll Hotel opening for lo-fi blog-rockers Wavves.