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This Earl Sweatshirt video is too fucked up to be pilin’ up the YouTube views, and because it’s under 100K in the hit column, I’m gonna assume that a lot of you haven’t seen it. And I’ll suggest that many of you probably should not watch it at work. (Earl, for the record, is part of the California crew Odd Future Wolf Gang.)

I am of two minds about it. The internal Gemini dialogue:

Oh shit, this speaks to the monster in me. OH NO, WHO THE HELL ARE THESE KIDS? Ha, ha, awesome, I’ve never combined weed, pills and cough syrup in a blender. THEY’RE BABIES, WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO THEMSELVES? That beat is banananuts. These lyrics are nasty and yet quasi-literate. This song will be my favorite. OK, THANK GOD, THAT BLOOD LOOKS FAKE. Whoo! I haven’t seen anything like this in awhile. WTF is that? Wait, WTF is that? NOBODY CAN KNOW THAT I AM WATCHING THIS. Yeah, ha ha, these dudes are fully committed. The monster is satisfied. WAIT, HOLD ON, MAYBE THE MONSTER THING IS A VALID CRITIQUE! THEY ARE TEENAGERS! EVERY TEENAGER FEELS LIKE A MONSTER NOW AND THEN!

Glad we could work that out. They have a Facebook page!