The owners of H Street NE’s Palace of Wonders and the Red and the Black will be merging their venues into the Red Palace in the next few weeks, and the latter seems pretty excited, to judge by its website. The Palace of Wonders’ tone is a bit more subdued. Or maybe I’m reading something where there’s nothing.

Come mid-month, the Red Palace will debut with a 200-capacity second-floor show space that will split the week between burlesque and vaudeville and live music.

But tonight’s your last chance to experience Palace of Wonders as you’ve come to love it—-that is, if you’re into freak-shows and fire-breathers and sword-swallowers and drag queens. How many of those things will stay in the new space after its renovation? I plan to find out, though at least one blog is worried the sideshow acts will be excluded. Tonight you can “The League of Mutants,” which is promising acts that will “hypnotize you, intrigue you, dazzle you as they engage you in fire, dance and seduction.” For $10, too!

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.