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Wet enough for you? (That’s what she said.)

WaPo has floated an interactive 3-D map of the new Arena Stage. The Kogod Cradle—reportedly the new theater’s “most daring and innovative” design feature—looks pretty sweet. It also looks like a total fire hazard.

Not in this weather though, boy!

Word’s apparently out on who will be on the bill for November’s Mark Twain Prize ceremony, honoring this year’s winner, Tina Fey: Lotta SNL alums, plus Betty White (that ball’s still rolling, huh?) and—somewhat incongruously—a performance by Jennifer Hudson. No Tracy Jordan Morgan, sadly. Still, sounds like it’ll be a good time, so long as Lorne Michaels doesn’t try to tell any jokes.

In sort-of-related news, Ford’s Theater opens its 2010-11 season tonight with Sabrina Fair, starring Susan Heyward: the actress who played Grizz’s fiancee (named “Feyoncee”) on an episode of Fey’s still-strong sitcom, 30 Rock.

Seriously, though, can anyone spare a rowboat? No?

Over at TBD, old friend Sarah Godfrey picks apart the Wall Street Journal’s generalizations of go-go music in its recent profile of local legend Chuck Brown. The reasons go-go has only broached the fringes of pop outside the DMV, she notes, are “more complicated” than the genre’s association with gang brawling. Things might soon change, though. On Tuesday—true to the DORF matrix (Brown is both old-aged and retro)—NPR featured Brown on its Tiny Desk concert series. It’s only a matter of time before the Godfather gets that Bonnaroo gig WSJ’s Jim Fusili imagined for him.

You hear it’s supposed to be 72 and sunny today? This D.C. weather, I tell you: If you don’t like it, just wait 2000 minutes!

Who says protest music is dead? Conor Oberst goes after Arizona’s immigration laws the only way he knows how: by singing a moody tune blending love and politics. My question is, where are all the musicians standing up to masturb-hater Christine O’Donnell in the name of onanism? Oh, there they are.

I thought today’s date might mean something in binary, but since “100110” isn’t divisible by eight, it doesn’t. Shucks, that could have been fun.