We’ve got spies, vices and vagina—you know, all the stuff that Official Washington totally loves. But do not accuse Far Out vs. Hot Dang of catering to anyone. This weekly assemblage will confound you at times. But its mysteries are thrilling. Are you strong enough to handle them?

New agers actually have bodies and make noise “The vagina, I further learned, undergoes profound changes.”
“the collateral damage of a lifetime of keeping secrets” “Back in the early days there was this nose doctor in Hollywood and all of a sudden it seemed like everybody had the same nose. It was kind of scary.”
DJ Eurok nerds-out and Kokayi sings like a woman Beauty Pill: “I think my voice goes up an octave when I’m nervous. Which means if I ever meet Prince, it will seem like I’m doing an impression of him.”
Kinda like going to Fight Club, except it’s a musical, and it’s about spies “I feel like I taught a self-defense class at the Wavves show Monday night.”
“The idea of going into school without makeup on was totally foreign to me.” TRUCK DOG
Everything you could possibly want to know about the new Arena Stage building The seduction of the Fredric Wertham scholars
MAN WITH CIGARETTE Kim Chi Ha: “Southeast asians may be ghettoier than Japanese n koreans but at least we got COFFEE”
Swans at the Black Cat “Fortunately, 75 percent of those illiberal, testosterone-fueled party-crashers died of binge-drinking later that evening before they could further sabotage the performance or commit sexual assault.”