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I know it’s been news for a day and a half, but as a reminder, if you like driving your car around the Mall, your life is only five days away from sucking. The Post‘s Michael Bolden—aka Dr. Gridlock—has the latest rundown of reasons to hate on Transformers 3. At least there’s The Bayifier to keep us amused while traffic screeches to a halt when some out-of-towner stands in the middle of the road to gawk at Shia LeBoeuf‘s body double. (Check out what TBD’s Maura Judkis did with Delaware Senate candidate Bellatrix Christine O’Donnell.)

Did the National Portrait Gallery get played in a Santa Fe, N.M. gallery owner’s attempt to steal a painting and sell it without the artists knowledge or permission? Art blogger F. Lennox Campello has the amazing story.

On Arts Desk yesterday, Arts Editor Jonathan L. Fischer has the latest on the delayed trial of Caralee Cottle, who is accused of murdering the noted area goth Dirk Smiler last February. Ryan Little reviews Infinite Love, a double LP from ex-Ponytail guitarist Dustin Wong. I wrapped up my conversation with Freakonomics producer Chad Troutwine and Mike Rhode chatted with comic book colorist Lauren Affe.

Remember DCist’s report about the Hirshhorn Museum‘s inflatable bubble set to deploy in two years? Looks like there are other renovations planned at the doughnut according to WaPo‘s Blake Gopnik, who reports today that museum director Richard Koshalek wants to excavate the sculpture garden for a venue to house temporary exhibitions.

If dreamy, intimate indie pop is more your style though, hopefully you made it to the 9:30 Club last night to catch Stars The xx. TBD’s Ryan Kearney tweeted the show. Hopefully the next time the Mercury Music Prize winners are in town they can take Kearney to Ben’s Chili Bowl. Some people (mostly Fischer) have been asking about the Twitter/roundup back-and-forth Kearney and I have going on. But some people are also unimpressed by the lack of real anger and would rather see something on the scale of Cuomo vs. Paladino or even Tkacik vs. Kurtz. So, Ryan, if you want to hop across the river to AdMo and take Fischer’s lunch money, I’m down.