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Although Chocolate City has become remarkably lighter in the past few years, you can still count the number of notable white rappers on one hand—-maybe even two fingers.

For obvious reasons then, David “Whitefolkz” Simmons easily stands out in the regional hip-hop scene. But his abilities shouldn’t be dismissed because of his skin color. ‘Folkz is one of the few MCs who can naturally pull off comedic punchlines, trunk-rattling “trap” music, and socially conscious musings.

Simmons said Thursday he’s never experienced reverse prejudice in D.C., and only twice outside the region—-once in Philadelphia, and another instance at a strip club in Atlanta. But, as ‘Folkz explains it, it’s all a part of the game.

“That’s just the price you pay,” he told Arts Desk. “If I decided to do rock music, I’m sure I wouldn’t have to deal with that.”

Most recently, Simmons’ AlphaDogg mixtape was nominated for Best Screwed Mix of the Year by the Southern Entertainment Awards, which recognizes noteworthy fashion and music from the South. “I was surprised and honored” by the nomination, Simmons said. “I’ve lived everywhere, so some Southern rappers don’t view me as a Southern rapper.” Simmons, originally from Atlanta, moved to D.C. at 13. He’s also lived in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

In March, Simmons plans to release Year of the Dogg, a 12-song album that details his monthly experiences. The first single, “Fuck With Your Boy,” is scheduled to drop next month.