As the seasons change, there is NO change in the mighty Far Out vs. Hot Dang. We still hear everything that is rattling around in D.C.’s cultural chasm. And, well, we choose to ignore a lot of it. The rest? It ends up here, assembled for your pleasure. Aw yeah.

Pierce Brosnan apparently is “beefcake” Still bitchy at 60
Tigerflight: “do you think Steve Albini ‘favorites’ the cat videos he spies on youtube? the fact he admits to watching cat videos makes me love him more” Kriston Capps: “Fischl: Looking at a slide of a painting leads to visual illiteracy. Bullshit. I got into art by looking at pictures in books at Borders.”
$760 is not $10,000, but $0 means more than nothing Yes, he actually uses the phrase “zero to hero”
Probably the only piece about the Future of Music summit that includes the phrase “B.O.” The Dance Party at Rock & Roll Hotel: straddling the borderline between “ew, yo” and “hot dang”
“Singers hear things in other singers that you and I don’t.” That John Legend song sucks, so listen to this stuff instead
Raul Zahir De Leon: “It’s funny just how handy it’s been having a hemostat at my desk all these years. so useful.” “Not all severed heads are created equal.”
Does the 21st century music fan have too much control? Butch Warren, fired but it’s strictly business
The Vinyl District fills up The Box “There is a sense that the AIA is bunch of old guys in a well-paneled club setting. We don’t fit that definition any more.”
“This is rap completely drained of intellectual, moral, and artistic pretense” “It’s a lot to ask of an opera singer to dance for eight minutes. They’re supposed to take off all their clothes.”