Good morning! Matt Siblo, Arts Desk’s most masochistic contributor, is still tweeting Matthew Barney‘s Cremaster Cycle, and his sanity is thinning. Had a rough weekend? Not like his. Follow him here, and here.

Speaking of tweeting in (glorious) excess, we did exactly that at this weekend’s various Artisphere openings. My favorite moments of Saturday’s “Burst!” party?

  1. The industrial-chicken-farm video art.
  2. Um. Friends!
  3. Discovering that Darrow Montgomery has many, many groupies. I guess I should have known this.

Our Matt Dunn was there, too. He’s got some shots over at City Desk.

Leftover weekend reading: Melissa Bell‘s WaPo Mag cover story on the end (or is it?) of D.C. skating valhalla Fight Club.

Attn: Music geeks! The first program of the new D.C. Music Salon is coming up, reports TBD’s Sarah Godfrey. The subject? “Go-Go: Not an Intro.” Free idea: Someone ought to create a rough taxonomy of D.C.-area music nerds. The Maryland ‘burbs contain at least three categories of middle-aged aficionados of experimental music.

I’m out of things worth aggregating! Here’s some Television Personalities: