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You can only take so much. After working 60-hour weeks for the past four years, sacrificing most of your Saturdays to the office, all without any recognition or reward, a new hire gets the promotion you’ve been gunning for ever since you arrived. That’s it. It’s over. Perhaps a cooler-minded individual would simply write a letter of resignation, go through the proper channels, and acquire a new job. You are not that cool-minded individual. You are going to say things that would make your mother (and possibly your father) blush, and you are going to do things that may warrant your arrest. In the unfilmed biopic of your life, there is a song signaling the moment you stop giving a shit and start kicking ass.

If anyone refuses to be pushed around, it’s Iggy Pop. With “Raw Power,” Iggy’s heroin-propelled middle finger extends as far as ever, and The Stooges hold it down behind him.

Henry Rollins knows what you’re feeling, and he’s pissed, too. In fact, if anyone has ever been  anger incarnate, it’s him. Black Flag‘s “Nervous Breakdown” ought to sum up your concerns.

Before you light that match to take the whole building out (maybe you saw Office Space one too many times), consider letting D.C.’s The Points take it down for you. “Rock N Roll No Rules” has enough unbridled punk rock fervor to set the whole place on fire. See for yourself at The Velvet Lounge on Friday, but leave the gasoline at home.