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Morning, all! If anyone can determine below in comments the reference I’m making in the hed, which also ties in with one of the items in my post, you’ll win a fabulous prize my admiration.

Every month, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Vanity Fair in my mailbox, because Vanity Fair is awesome. And it’s already the middle of the month, so I’m gettin’ a little itchy for it. And now, Graydon Carter & Co. has to go and tease these Zach Galifianakis pin-up photos on their website. Dear Condé Nast circulation department: Please hurry up and get me my issue already, ‘kay? Love, Erin.

Speaking of Condé Nast, Vogue has pretty much been my style bible since the age of 15, but it’s not infallible. Take, for example, the latest Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl feature. The second look I would wear in a heartbeat. But the first one? I think I remember my mom wearing that exact same outfit in 1992. (Okay, maybe not the five-inch strappy leopard sandals.)

Mr. “Put a boot in your ass” himself, Toby Keith, topped the charts this week with Bullets in the Gun. If Keith is the unofficial favorite musician among members of the Tea Party (pure speculation on my part), who would it be among Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive rally goers?

Ryan Kearney over at TBD congratulates our own Joe Warminsky for not mentioning dresses or shit in [the] lede” of his piece about Deerhunter and its frontman, Bradford Cox. And, neither did our own Mike Kuntz! So, well done, both of you, for avoiding cliches and doing justice to the City Paper name.

Photo: Vanity Fair