I often write about Washington, D.C., as a saturated rap region, where everyone born after 1985 seems to rap or make beats for their friends.

And that’s not to knock aspiring MCs and producers; in fact, that stubborn zeal makes the city tick. Strangely, though I’ll come across the occasional pop artist, it’s rare to find an aspiring pop star.

So how about a pop artist with a stage show that includes 11 dancers and a choreographed dance routine? That can’t happen in D.C., can it? Tell that to Devin White.

“I’m just big on theatrics,” said White, 21, a graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. “I feel like pop allows you to do that—-to get that big sound and all of that big imagery. I try my best to create music in general that people will respond to.”

Until now, White’s electro-pop projects have garnered only modest support. Most recently, the Virginia Beach native released his debut album, iCRed, through his website. He also plans to release the album through iTunes, Amazon, and other digital outlets.

White said Wednesday that it’s tough being a pop act in a hip-hop city. He’ll earn more stripes on Nov. 6, as he performs at Everlasting Life Cafe with RA The MC, PHZ-Sicks, Lyriciss, and several others. Everlasting Life Cafe is located at 2928 Georgia Ave., NW. Admission is $5.