You know that Radio Raheem scene in Do The Right Thing? The one in which Love knocks out Hate? Far Out vs. Hot Dang is NOT like that at all. It’s ALL love, people. Most of the time.

contrabassoon vs. contraforte Who has the more intense Twitter feed, Fat Trel or Whitefolkz?
“There’s a feeling of portent — of open-ended investigation — that makes the work thrum with a fertile psychic energy.” “You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy books written by Jews about Jews and then read aloud by Jews.”
Somebody needs to write a rap that includes the phrase, “mentally anthropomorphize their little kaleidoscopic hides” “There are exceptions, but for the most part he hates working with DJs.”
“There are no chase scenes or shoot-outs – the tension only comes from on-screen conversations.” One could be excused for thinking Transformers 3 is the most important movie ever shot in Washington
Band named after a famous agriculturalist does not want to see people consuming agricultural products during its performance at the Birchmere Gavin Holland: “i have an entire album of booty bass versions of christmas songs. it is terrifying”
“In fact, if I was 20 in 1981 and had the choice between seeing the Descendents and working on a rewrite of Clash, I’d definitely choose an air-conditioned writers room on the Paramount lot …” “Garfunkel’s acting is so wooden that the audience laughed out loud at several points.”
“a sort of grown-up Pippi Longstocking who, while possibly hallucinating, terrorizes ordinary folk with her quirkiness.” “I need to say this to somebody now, so I don’t take it out on them on the page, but oh my God that play made me want to shoot myself in the face.”