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This weekly assemblage is now a decagon in the aggregate, yet it retains the general shape of Week 1, in which we told you that on one side are “the deep thoughts, the innovations, the reflections, the revelations, the oddballs and the acid trips” and on the other side are “the conflicts, the punchlines, the unqualified successes, the flameouts, the big blasts and the oh-wows.” If it’s slightly more sarcastic in places, it’s only because I love you that much more. Smooches!

“Wear red, yellow, and blue, and bring a change of clothes because we’ll also need to have you set your clothes on the floor.” “Number of times I regretted not pulling my hair up: Eleven.”
“What’s lost is the day-to-day contact with the reality. But what’s gained is an opportunity to re-create something that merges your memory with your imagination.” Duck Down anniversary show at Liv
If they weren’t talking about a movie, this would be one of the weirdest press conferences of all time “hackneyed, highly unbelievable, and ludicrously predictable”
Bob Dylan: inexhaustible resource for book-publishing BOOK TV THROWDOWN
“a hyper-local, hyper-democratic approach to art” The real problem with D.C.’s elaborate art fiestas? They’re boring.
“I was like, ‘Tony Danza?! Wow, this is awesome!” Ron Charles: “Every time a publicist tells me about a new Dr Seuss iPad app, a little part of my childhood dies. I do not like that, $am I Am.”
D.C. awakened Agnostic Front dude’s spidey-sense D.C. + Cold War = “one reason why zombie films back then were so appealing”
Dan K. Charnley: “This may just be an Urban Legend, but I heard Lady GaGa is actually Paul from the Wonder Years…” DJ Heat: “If any of yall heiffers are rocking zippers in yall hair cuz of Willow Smith, I’m snatching that shyt out!!!”
Jody Arlington: “Q1: Why is the sport of competitive eating dominated by thin people? Q2: Why didn’t I think of book title Horsemen of the Esophagus?” TWEET BEEF
“It seems a bit late to mount a show about skateboarding … but this video captures just that sense of elegiac lateness.” “It was getting a little tedious, frankly. All these men kind of waving their dicks around, telling us what they’d read and hadn’t read.”