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It’s everywhere. Kit Kats, candy corn, tiny Snickers bars, bags upon bags of M&Ms… you can’t avoid it. With Halloween coming up, you know you’re going to binge on fun-size snacks, and it’s going to be delicious. You may end up toothless, but that won’t dull the thrill of consuming countless chocolate treats. Of course, by the time that beloved holiday actually arrives, you’ll have so much sugar in your system you’ll hardly know what to do with yourself. Don’t panic. Here are some sweet, guitar-centric tunes to get down to while that glucose-induced rush is rocking your body.

Punk? Pop? Whatever. Fast-paced, no-bullshit rock & roll from The Jam is hard to beat. Give this live take of “In The City” a shot while you’re tripping out on Reese’s pieces.

You’re not alone with Sonic Youth. Throw on theclassic “Teenage Riot” (it seriously never gets old) and rock out to Thurston Moore‘s ecstatic visions of a “hyper nation” of ’90s kids, ’cause you know they’re all restless, too.

Scrappy D.C. guitar-rock trio The Cheniers crank out lo-fi pop gems that beg for your caramel-covered enthusiasm. Check ’em out on Sunday at Black Cat after you polish off the last of your Mars bars.