Charlottesville, Va., indie champs Invisible Hand are streaming their brand new self-titled record this week. It’s a catchy, guitar-laden romp through what made the ’90s great for record-store nerds (Matador, Elephant 6, Merge, etc.), with equal parts The Jam-eque power pop and Pavement-style prog-outs. There’s a pleasantly lackadaisical air about the whole affair, but the performances are nonetheless tight and locked in, for the most part. There’s no shortage of wonderfully distorted guitars, but the band doesn’t shy from the occasional string section and piano part when the moment calls for it. It’s a well-balanced, well-informed, quirky rock ‘n’ roll album, and there really aren’t any gimmicks to speak of. Listen to the record for yourself right here.

The Adam Smith-led quartet has been getting its fair share of attention around C-ville, and the boys are hitting the road a lot lately. They’ll be swinging through our fair city on Nov. 20 to play Comet Ping Pong.