The Lincoln Memorial attracts all sorts—tourists who block the sidewalk, labor rallies, Tea Parties, Greenpeace canvassers, Glenn Beck. But zombies? Yesterday, WaPo‘s Lisa DeMoraes reports, a horde of zombies (put your shotguns away horror fans, they were only actors) attempted to swarm the western end of the mall when they were turned away by the U.S. Park Police because they neglected to apply for a demonstration permit. Turns out the whole thing was an attempted promotion of the new AMC series The Walking Dead. Um…how long until Season 5 of Mad Men?

Also from the world of basic cable, TBD—which these days is pretty much entirely about The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and its impending Rally to Restore Sanity—sent Maura Judkis to yesterday’s taping at the Harman Center. What did Maura encounter? Everyone in line eventually made it inside (though one probably shouldn’t expect the same with today’s show featuring President Barack Obama); the crowd was mostly young and attractive; and prospective audience members should be prepared to answer questions from a young woman in a bear costume, though that one doesn’t work for Comedy Central.

Meanwhile, add me to the list who are expecting the old boss (Erik Wemple) to send a big raging dose of Fuego to the new boss (Michael Schaffer) today for City Paper‘s policy on Rally coverage.

On Arts Desk, Arts Editor and occasional air drummer Jonathan L. Fischer took a gander at Indie On The Move which allows bands to post Yelp-style reviews of venues they play. The Red and the Black and Velvet Lounge do OK, while DC9

Additionally here yesterday: your first weekly guide to the week in Repertory Film, and Ryan Little posts Day 7 of his No Kill No Beep Beep retrospective.

Finally, MuralsDC is back with seven new works spread across the city.