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Jonesin’ for the Fringe Festival? No worries. If you’re down with performances about population involving five tons of rice, soundscapes wherein you wander around an august cultural institution while actors tell stories of opera and botany and relationships, and plays about the life of Bette Bourne (starring Bette Bourne!), you’re in luck.

Over the next three weeks, the Kennedy Center will feature some of the best emerging theater from across the pond. “On the Fringe: Eye on Edinburgh” contains the cream of the crop from the original, Scottish iteration of the Fringe Festival.

Notable plays include “A Life in Three Acts,”  in which Gay Liberation Front founder Bette Bourne recounts his life, from his experiences in a Notting Hill drag commune to his founding one of the world’s most famous gay theater troupes.  “The festival represents a really different side of the U.K,” says Sarah Frankland, from the British Council USA, which is putting on the Kennedy Center event. Other mentionables include “One Small Step,” in which two performers use household objects to tell the story of the space race. “Of All the People in the World” brings life to statistics by using grains of rice to illustrate the power of human demographics. Figures such as the populations of major U.S. cities, the number of doctors, the number of new births every day, and the number of the people who die every day will all be weighed out using rice.

Shows on the Kennedy Center’s main stages range from $15 to $25. Some other events are free. Check out the full schedule here.