Far Out vs. Hot Dang sees into the immediate future, and it senses that you will have a rather eventful weekend. But for now, let us dwell temporarily on what has already happened. Because that’s what we do, and we’re awesome at it.

“I love going into a random music store nowadays and seeing my gawky, barely adult face suddenly staring sullenly back as I flip through records.” Electric shocks, drunken driving, scary loneliness
Have old-timey goggles? You’ve apparently got a steampunk costume. “a guy decided his fake lightsaber was a real one and began hitting people with it — yeah, he didn’t get to keep his lightsaber”
“infused with all the fragrant fear of hell that haunted the medieval mind” “Christensen’s dramatic recreations of devil worship, torture and sexual deviance made the film more than anything a progenitor of contemporary horror.”
“this was an older crowd with a likely median age of 35. This gave a bizarre air of reserved calm to the event” “I used to do yoga, but instead of concentrating on my downward dog, I was scoping out the possible child molesters in the class.”
“But I do know that, at the center of that labyrinth, you’ll find me. I’ll be the one sliding into the bubbling pool of liquid gold.” a ceiling too low for sword-swallowing
Mummenschanz: still rollin’ Maura Judkis: “Intermission of Hair at the Kennedy Center. Glad no one has tried to touch me yet.”
the value of goodwill: slippery yU: “Playfighting round the house w/ my kids, till my youngest daughter.. Ran up out the bathroom & sprayed me up w/ SoftScrub with Bleach.. Woww”