Morning, folks!

Update, 9:06: Would be remiss not to include WaPo‘s update on Dupont Down Under v2.0… although the developers confidence in their ability to lure people to an underground network of art galleries, restaurants, and wineries is not exactly inspiring.

-Lot of music on the Mall Saturday. So Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam Yusuf flew all the way from London to sing two verses of “Peace Train” before mock-battling Ozzie Osborne and then giving up the stage to The O’Jays? For such a litigious fellow, he sure is a good sport.

-Yardfest, the historical centerpiece of Howard University’s homecoming, took an international turn this year. WaPo’s Chris Richards has the skinny.

-Feral House is re-issuing D.C. punk scenester Steven Blush’s indisposable treatise, American Hardcore: A Tribal History, today. The second edition has 80 pages’ worth of new material, including new artwork and a new conclusion. Is it couth for a punkster to “geek out”? I guess we’ll see!

-In case you missed it: Mike Riggs examines how the elision of two H St. NE venues could leave some sideshow acts out in the cold. Could this be part of a trend toward the de-weirding of the Atlas District ahead of the light rail? Discuss!

For some Monday morning levity, I recommend the Twitter meme #moviesinmypants. Contributions from my household: There Will Be Blood in My Pants, TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze in My Pants, Backdraft in My Pants, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in My Pants.