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Fine, so she lives in the wrong Washington now. New Pacific Northwesterner Carol Bui spent years in D.C. and recorded her upcoming album, Red Ship, at Inner Ear in Arlington with a host of local musicians. Now she’s released the first song from that album, “Mira: You’re Free With Me.”

It takes the soaring, aggressive emotiveness of Bui’s earlier material and works in two of her more recently acquired interests: Middle Eastern sounds, and percussion. “If you’re so inclined to sweep me off my feet/Leave a crinkled hundred out for me to keep,” she spits, reflecting another topic she explored over the last few years, academically speaking: the culture of sex work. When I interviewed Bui in April, just before she left D.C. for Tacoma, Wa., she told me that some of the record’s songs “are about things that other people consider dark but I consider joyful.”

“To me, it’s a big party record,” she also said. “Not in the oomph oomph oomph way. But it’s happy and celebratory.” Red Ship will be out early next year on Bui’s Ex Oh Records.

DOWNLOAD: Carol Bui – “Mira: You’re Free With Me”