Arin Greenwood leads this week’s dead-tree art section with her tour of the Smithsonian’s current Norman Rockwell exhibit with an art critic who also happens to be a disciple of Ayn Rand. Brandon Wu talks to a Northern Virginia doom-metal trio that’s making national waves, Salome. In film, Tricia Olszewski reviews Due Date and Monsters, and suggests you stay away from both. In theater, Trey Graham flashes back to the ’60s in reviews of The Odd Couple and Hair and Chris Klimek flashes back to, um, Elizabethan tymes and before in reviews of Richard III and Mary Stuart, which are running in rep at Washington Shakespeare Company. And for this week’s One Track Mind, Erin Petty talks to Shortstack about the slow burn the local quartet borrowed from the Dire Straits.

In City Lights: Fringe-favorite nudity! One photog’s Harlem fixation! Continent-hopping memory lessons! Crab-claw roach clips! An angel-voiced Icelandic fellow! Cry-in-your-beer country! And the inimitable Man or Astro-Man?!!!?!?!?!!!!