In August, PHZ-Sicks released “SumHer Everlasting,” whose relaxed, downtempo vibe paid homage to the heat and cherished a passing summer fling. This time, the Woodbridge MC brings fellow rapper Seanny Greggs and D.C. songstress Ihsan Bilal along for “Your Way,” the edgy second single from the upcoming The Laws of PHZ-Sicks mixtape, slated for a December release.

While PHZ-Sicks’ previous single was a greasy ode to summery themes, “Your Way” finds the Drexel University student strutting with a boastfulness that would make Lil’ Wayne blush. “Stacking paper, green mile, original wit style/You need an idea of fresh, then I guess I’m the poster child,” PHZ-Sicks raps.

And it sounds like someone really pissed him off. His second stanza, after a rapid-fire verse from Greggs, references “haters” who can summersault off his, uh, private region. The beat, crafted by Mev of The Renegades, also boasts the shattering bass and trunk-rattling gloss that typifies recent hip-hop songs.

This track ultimately slid off my back. Luckily, you can go here and listen yourself. PHZ-Sicks performs with RA The MC, Lyriciss, Devin White, and others at 8 p.m. Saturday at Everlasting Life Cafe. The cafe is located at 2928 Georgia Ave. NW. Admission is $5.