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Good morning! FotoWeek starts this weekend! Look for our preview later today, and for nuggets of coverage every day after that. I went to the pre-party last night at the Phillips and…well, alright, it was OK.  Though Worn Magazine‘s Josh Yospyn was shooting some pretty cool polaroids of guests, which I hope he posts. Had I adhered to the evening’s steampunk theme, I’m sure I would’ve had a blast.

The Red Palace is finally opening this weekend, TBD reports. Only, you know, for the most part without the Palace of Wonders’ sideshow acts.

Sideshow! Pretty fringey, which reminds me: Fall Fringe (fallFringe? fallFRINGE?) kicked off last night and runs through Nov. 21. This week in City Lights, we recommended you check out Kelly Bond‘s Elephant. There’s a whole slew of other good Fringe stuff back for encore performances that Erin Petty ran through on Arts Desk recently.

Um. Mike Riggs talks to P.J. O’Rourke about drugs. Peter Marks visits New York (more on this later!). Blake Gopnik reviews “Hide/Seek” at the National Portrait Gallery.

I’m excited for tonight’s Story/Stereo, with Devin Ocampo singing the songs of Devin Ocampo. Have a good weekend!