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There’s a lotta curse words this week, which can only mean one thing: the curatorial potency of Far Out vs. Hot Dang is at its ZENITH. Until next week, when we’ll come back and drop some more D.C. knowledge on you.

Blonde Redhead, Pantha du Prince at the 9:30 club Doom metal becomes sexy, and not necessarily because of the girl
“When you talk to them, they don’t have a great recollection about what they heard” Alan Zilberman: “Ratings for Walking Dead premiere twice that of Mad Men Finale. Unsurprising, as zombie fans are the type to spend Halloween at home”
“the film remains one of the most accurate cinematic depictions of how the mind transforms reality into memories” “simple cross-dressing was extremely illegal”
5,332 vintage words about Roky Erickson “They’re like vintage hipster shit before the masses hated hipster shit, or even knew what hipster shit was.”
“Frank’s sister, Theresa, started preparing the piglet practically from birth” the Zoo fucking ROCKS
Andrew Noz: “not even joking you guys i am going to move my blog to a photocopied zine and that shit will never experience technical difficulties.” Reminder: Frozen turkeys and hot fryer oil don’t mix
Zanzibar essentially vanishes A brief history of Kennedy Center nudity
“The beat continues as the visual quickly cuts to a white man’s legs moving to and fro below, performing the same action.” Enough with the Dougie, do the Vince Gray
“He’s also much nicer than you might expect an Objectivist to be, but that could be because you have silly expectations.” Even an Objectivist can get with this