Good morning, D.C.! Free Weezy, though…oh wait, that was yesterday’s news.

We Love DC has its review of Oklahoma! at that glass behemoth that is almost the size of the entire Southwest quadrant…uh, I mean, the newly renovated Arena Stage.

TBD checks in on Below the Beltway—OMG puns! Apparently, the movie is “part All the President’s Men, part Monica Lewinsky scandal.” And, the embedded trailer offers this nugget of wisdom: “In D.C., you wanna climb the ladder, you gotta pull somebody else down.” Have at it, residents. Or Hill staffers. Or whomever.

The latest chapter in the DC9 saga is a second protest for justice. City Desk and TBD have details.

Click Track reviews Roky Erickson (“the grizzled 63-year-old minor rock icon,” who “looked alternately puzzled, pleased and possessed”) at the Black Cat and talks with Sigur Rós frontman and now-solo performer Jónsi. Actually, given the latter’s predisposition to avoiding conversation, “talks” might not be the right word. Feel free to come up with your own substitute verb (preferably in Icelandic).

Here on Arts Desk, Chris Klimek talks tough with prolific documentarian Frederick Wiseman about his latest film, Boxing Gym. We also check in on some of the Fotoweek components: imMigration and Remote. And, Das Krapital’s Moe Tkacik went to see Fair Game, which, the presence of Sean Penn notwithstanding, is apparently of questionable quality and questionable verisimilitude.

Enjoy your Tuesday!