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Chad Clark, the core of Beauty Pill and a general all-around D.C. music dude, posted this today on his Soundcloud page:

My friend Morgan Klein is a brilliant kook. Check it out.

In the deluxe CD reissue of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” there are some extra tracks appended. These are making-of interviews with Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton.

Morgan became obsessed with the tone and feel of these interviews. So he memorized them line for line.

Yes, you read correctly. Line for line. With cadence matched exactly.

So, check this out: Quincy is in the LEFT speaker and Morgan is in the RIGHT!

And the Rod Temperton is even more hilarious.

I don’t even know why it’s funny. All it is a near-exact mirror performance. But it IS funny. I listen to this and I giggle my ass off and I am reminded why I love Morgan.

You only WISH your friends were this crazy and amazing.

You are free to share.

– c

Here’s the post. I confess that I have no idea who Morgan Klein is. But the recordings indeed are kinda hilarious. I recommend listening to them in headphones, but stereo speakers with extreme separation might be even better.

The files can be downloaded as mp3s: Jones/Klein | Temperton/Klein