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When I woke up today and logged on to my computer, the first thing I noticed was the American flag in the Google logo. “Oh, it must be Veteran’s Day,” I thought. So, to any veterans out there, thank you. To everyone out there who’s never fought for our country and still gets a day off, I’m feeling a little annoyed/jealous.

The Country Music Association Awards were broadcast last night—I’m not a fan of country music in general, but last night’s awards held some interest for me because I am a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, who performed the song “Country Strong” in advance of the release of her eponymous movie. I knew she had pipes (“Cruisin’,” her duet with Huey Lewis from the movie Duets, got radio play and was even the number one single in Australia), but she’s pretty darn convincing as a country singer, too.

Arena Stage spent $1.2 million on their production of Oklahoma!, now showing. Theater execs are expecting the well-received iteration of the musical to break even on its productions costs by tomorrow, well in advance of its Dec. 26 closing—which, suprise!—will now possibly be extended.

Top Chef: Just Desserts—wow, has their ever been a less deserving finalist in Top Chef history than Danielle? Don’t get me wrong, I was rooting for the girl who “looks like Marilyn Manson,” according to fellow competitor Zac. I much prefer to see her compete in the finals than Go Team Diva member and catty bitch Zac, but it’s still a surprising development. I’ve gotta give her props for her Sylvia Weinstock anniversary cake last night, though—the gray color may have been unappealing, but it sounds like it was the consensus favorite among the judges. Morgan and the last remaining Go Team Diva member, Yigit, join Danielle in the finals. Think there’s going to be another season?