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Morning, folks!

Well, the reviews are in: Kanye West is a brilliant composer, a bad news analyst, and a bit of a pill when it comes to having to explain himself while someone else is at the engineering switch. The best part of Kanye’s appearance on Today, I think, is when Matt Lauer appoints himself interlocutor between the pop star and the ex-president—and, deeming Kanye’s babbling apologia to be insufficiently trite, offers: “It sounds to me, and not to oversimplify it, but what you’re saying is we’re human, and we make mistakes, but we have to learn from those mistakes.” Giving up, Kanye says: “Yeah.”

Punch me in the face, please?

Tomorrow, folkie and anecdotalist extraordinaire Todd Snider is doing a charity show at the Rock & Roll Hotel. Miraculously, there are tickets still available. They’re pricey for the RRH, but the proceeds go to Hope for Henry, a charity that buys iPods and stuff for kids battling life-threatening diseases. Plus, Snider is a riot. Science tells us that people who decline to attend this show because of the high asking price will be nine percent more likely to drown in their butternut squash soup on Thanksgiving.

Cash is tight, though. So you could always give a few bucks through the website and go to one of these free things instead. That talk at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda about creativity and brain science looks pretty dope.

Is FotoWeek DC shafting DC fotographers? TBD devotes an uncharacteristic 2,301 words to the question.

Did you know that a Virginia colony institutionalized Thanksgiving two years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth? I, as always, am thankful for Wikipedia.