We’ve said it before: Know your history. And if you don’t wanna know your history, know this: Far Out vs. Hot Dang is here for you, regardless of your commitment. You can’t say that about too many things, can you?

“One day in 2007, in Buenos Aires, nothing happened. It was ugly. “ Do Liberals Really Think ‘Fair Game’ Is A Good Movie?
A Grinch Land handcrafted in ice with Chinese labor “the harder the Corcoran squeezes these kids, the better they produce”
Kate D: “There was a chicken bone on our patio this a.m. There’s a chicken bone on my bus. Who’s trying to put a voodoo curse on me?” No boners allowed
“He unloaded a motherlode of techniques into his prismatic pieces, showing great mastery at sonic dynamics, spatial awareness, unerring timing and rhythmic agility.” “the fact is there is that sort of snapshot aesthetic that people can get away with — but if your photos suck, then your photos suck”
Monkeyrotica: “is watching the boy “dance” to Melt Banana. There is no emoticon for what I’m feeling.” It’s OK to be totally pumped about Arena’s Oklahoma! — unless you’re “the Rodgers & Hammerstein people,” who are cautiously enthused, or something like that. ALSO: brutal spoonerism!
“The set was largely composed of super-subdued melodic improvisations — a kind of free-form art-school elevator music with a mild debt to composer Ennio Morricone.” “So we apologize, Damien and Shearwater, that more of us didn’t come see you play. We have no excuse, and we promise to do better next time.”
“I always try to take Saturday and pretend to have some sanity.” “I adore my religion and how much of a role it played in shaping me into the ‘good boy’ I am seen as. Ultimately though, it was tearing down my spirit more than it was building it up.”
There is nothing left to say about these famous super-high dudes “Retarded, really.”
“you’ll likely feel whatever skin you’ve retained thus far crawl off into the lobby” “Perry is assisting Hollywood in doing nothing more than projecting the evil of the world onto black men, making us look worse than we are so others can feel better about themselves.”
“Roblest assembled a team with professional mountain-climbing experience—only to be told that their climbing skills didn’t matter unless they’d been certified by Metro” “It’s all utterly stupid yet utterly gripping”
What the hell was Jonsí wearing? You do not have to get all gangsta on seat-savers at the Dylan show