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Morning, folks!

On the day Facebook is scheduled to fire its new e-mail client deep into the heart of the Gmail-using masses, WaPo discusses the company’s utterley vaccuous logo, and enlists a conceptual design firm to do some mock-ups of a better one. Ponders writer Blake Gopnik: “Doesn’t creating the most-seen image, ever, come with a certain aesthetic responsibility?” (I wonder if he preferred Facebook’s less bland, if somewhat perplexing, Al Pacino logo.)

Also in WaPo, Quincy Jones talks producing, mentorship, and his new book about those things.

Remember when that guy on Craigslist held an essay contest for Felice Brothers tickets a few weeks ago? ReadySetDC is doing more or less the same for the Posies show at the 9:30 Wednesday (except that show isn’t sold out yet).

TBD’s Sarah Godfrey has a short playlist of Jack Johnson tunes to mellow the mind of beleagured PGC executive Jack Johnson, who was arrested Friday for all sorts of seedy stuff.

In case you missed it: City Paper arts godhead J.L. Fischer examines the bureaucratically painful process of trying to install art at the top of the Metro escalators. Frankly, I would be happy with minutes-till-next-train displays.

Happy Monday!