You thought they were dead. It was only a ruse: The great D.C. spazzcore outfit Frodus tracked two new songs and remade an older one during its too-brief 2009 reunion stint, and just last week, Lovitt Records released the results, the Soundlab 1 7-inch. You won’t find the songs on iTunes—-the tracks are available digitally only via Bandcamp so that, according to the band, “No multi-national corporations will receive any percentage.” Considering the colored vinyl sold out in only a day, you’d better move quickly if you want a copy of Frodus’ Soundlab 1 on wax.

The new 7-inch begs the inevitable question: Will we be receiving further transmissions from the Frodus Conglomerate International? According to the band’s most recent press release, there’s hope! Core members Jason Hamacher and Shelby Cinca are working on a series of collaborations, and they’re calling it Frodus Sound Laboratory. This first release features Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan) on bass, but there’s no telling who will appear on future records. The band’s PR statement reads: “Each experiment will have variable groups comprising of musicians, friends, and associates with the control group being Hamacher and Cinca. Future experiments may involve members of Refused, Darkest Hour, Engine Down, Sleepy Time Trio, Norma Jean, and Converge.”

Seriously? A possible Refused-Frodus collaboration? The world may not survive.

As if that somehow weren’t enough for legions of post-hardcore fanatics to geek out over, Lovitt Records owner Brian Lowit confirmed today that his label is slated to re-release Frodus’ And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea on vinyl next year. When asked about the potential for a full-on Frodus reunion, Lowit said touring is unlikely, but the band just might play a few shows in the not-so-distant future. Keep your eyes open, kids.