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Yes! It's really a book!

First rock icon, now lauded author: Last night Patti Smith won the National Book Award for nonfiction for Just Kids, her memoir about her relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe in the ’60s and ’70s. Some people are so talented I can hardly stand it.

In other book news, you know that memoir Roger Sterling’s been working all the past season of Mad Men? Well, Sterling’s Gold is available for real. For all the corniness of a biography from a fictional TV character, I’m semi-tempted to check it out. He does have the best lines in the show, after all.

It’s inescapable if you have a Mac and you use Safari: The Beatles are finally on iTunes. Rolling Stone reports that they’ve been kicking some ass, with all 17 albums available on iTunes in the top 50, and three albums in the top 10.

Spoiler alert! The finale of Top Chef: Just Desserts aired last night, and the winner is [drumroll please]… Yigit! The young Turk was praised for his innovation and restraint in the four course dessert final challenge. I think I would feel this way had Morgan or Danielle won as well, but I’ve gotta say, the end was strangely anticlimactic. Maybe it’s because I just don’t find desserts as interesting as savory food—I’m the woman who defies stereotypes and really doesn’t care for chocolate. Oh well. Top Chef All Stars is just around the corner (Dec. 1!) and you can bet I’ll have some rooting interest in that.