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Good morning! This roundup is going up late, as I had something of a rough night, and yet, though I always assumed it worked this way, I didn’t emerge from bed looking as impeccably disheveled as the boys in D.C.’s U.S. Royalty, whose style was profiled by pop critic Chris Richards in the Post yesterday. Block quote!

The band’s dress evokes a spectrum of American heroes: frontiersmen, cowboys, soldiers, factory workers. Michael Williams, editor of A Continuous Lean, describes U.S. Royalty’s look as “rock star meets ‘Royal Tenenbaums’ meets country club on an Amish buggy.”

For three of the band’s members, an affinity for dress was fostered by moms who liked to sew. “We’d see these old movies,” [singer] John [Thornley] explains. “Old epics like ‘Alexander the Great’ and be like, ‘Mom, can you make me this?’ ” As a child, the singer once wore a pair of buckled shoes from a Pilgrim costume to the dentist. After the hygienist asked him if he was trying to be stylish, he proudly wore the shoes for the rest of the week.

WaPo gallery critic Jessica Dawson has some things to say about the 10th anniversary of her Friday art column. Perhaps you want to read them! She writes: “Washington, while you’ve reinvented yourself, so have I. You like to tease me about the old days, when my prose smacked harsh. In the meantime, I wised up and recognized that there are kinder ways of saying ‘shape up’ than likening art to ‘a dental hygienist scaling your tartar with a metal pick.’ (Though I stand behind that assessment.)” Please CC this comments section on any schadenfreude.

WAMU talks to Fort Reno concert boss Amanda MacKaye about…well, I don’t know, as the audio’s not online yet. TBD doubles-down on the House of Gold/JonBenet Ramsey creepiness.

There’s a memorial tribute to Carla Cohen Sunday at 1 p.m. at Politics & Prose. More on this later!