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You can bet that when he comes to D.C. in January for a handful of shows with the reunited Dismemberment Plan, Travis Morrison will be listening to Miles Davis. Why? Because he’s working through the legendary jazz man’s reallllllly long discography—-just as he’s done recently with Bob Dylan, Madonna, Bjork, Led Zep, and a bunch of others. How do I know? Because the indie rocker works for the Huffington Post these days, and he just launched a blog there. I like what he has to say about the Dylanoeuvre:

Bob Dylan’s last few records are as amazing as everyone says. I love them just as much as anything he did in 63-66. A lot of good corny old-man jokes. “I sit on mah WATCH so I kin… be on TIIIME…” Awesome. He did have a long, long rut there in the middle, like 20 years, and in that rut, he wasn’t funny. He was a funny young man and he is a funny old man and kind of a bitter guy in between. Wonder if that’s not a common life arc, hmm. Note to self.