After stuffing your sweaty face with succulent turkey legs and rich, dark gravy for hours, and after gorging yourself on pumpkin pies slathered in whipped cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, eventually you’ll start to feel the fatigue set in. The tryptophan will take effect and your stomach, weighed down with the calorie-rich dishes concocted by you and your family, will tell your body to slow down. Perhaps you’ll want to recline and watch a football game. Perhaps your eyes will slowly close as your cousins tell stories about relatives you’ve never met. Perhaps you’ll lie on the couch and vividly dream of South African excursions while others are playing Tetris with Tupperware containers in the fridge.

That’ll all be well and good, but when you wake up and it’s only 8:30 p.m., what will you do? Will you go to bed early only to rush out in the morning—-running like lemming into a sea of Black Friday consumerism? Or will you stay out late on Thursday night and sleep in on Friday? That’s where Ian Svenonius comes in. The longtime D.C. music-maker is still in town. He’s DJing at Velvet Lounge on Thanksgiving starting at 10:30 p.m., and he’ll keep you moving. He’s got quite a history of rabble-rousing. Here are just a few examples.

After the break-up of his secessionist and highly political Nation of Ulysses, Svenonius began Cupid Car Club MP. Here the group plays Grape Juice Plus—-an interesting transitional sound between the hardcore punk of NOU and his forthcoming Mod obsession.

Weird War (aka Scene Creamers) came to exist after The Make-Up broke up. It rode some of the same minimal funk vibes but with a slightly more esoteric approach. Svenonius is as charismatic as ever.

One of Svenonius’ more recent projects, Chain and the Gang, takes the mod vibe and adds to it a Sam Cooke-inflected call-and-response format. Here he is, dressed as dapper as ever. You can check out the record collection that inspires him when he spins at Velvet Lounge on Thursday night.